this mess

Easton | game designer, programmer, and artist
Kai | game designer, writer, and narrative designer

1955 Boise, Idaho marked a period of unrest for the northwestern state during the American post-war era. Nationwide, there was an aggressive reinforcement of social conservatism — including the reinstatement of a highly negative view on the gay community. Consequently, a series of events led to a moral panic in Boise. A "homosexual underground" was discovered, and suddenly "some 1,500 people had been questioned, 16 men faced charges, and 15 of them were sentenced to terms ranging from probation to life in prison."*

This Mess is a narrative game exploring the lives of suburban Boise residents during this period via the eyes and ears of a telephone switchboard operator.

This Mess was created in 48 hours for the 2018 Global Game Jam.

Winner of Best Use of Theme ("Transmission")
Nominated for Best Game Design and Best Overall Game