Two Feet Art Kick VI / by Kai Chuan


Surprise! We’re still here!

I’ve honestly been a little uninspired lately given the ongoing job hunt, but we thought an art kick might be the cure for these artless days.

Since this art kick is popping up out of the blue after an extended radio silence from us and since we noticed a trend (at least between the two of us) of personal discouragement in setting our expectations too high, this art kick’s theme will be…


As funny as it might sound, we want to set the bar REAL low this time. Truly no expectations at all. Make. Something. Small.

  • stop at a sketching stage — include your mistakes/previous iterations/wild ideas
  • compose only one or two measures of music/compose a ringtone!
  • create something digital that’s less than a megabyte
  • write a meaningful sentence
  • take 1 (one) photograph
  • record ten seconds (or six seconds 👀) of video
  • make small progress on an existing project

Whether it’s the physical scale, duration, or scope of your work, make this art piece ˢᵐᵃˡˡ.

I know we normally encourage everyone to take their time and submit whenever they finish — even if it’s past the deadline — but the word of the week (other than “small”) is ACCOUNTABILITY. We’re just doing something small this week, so we’re promising ourselves to accomplish it. Let’s face it — if we can’t even do a small thing, we’ll only be more discouraged. So set a SMALL goal for yourself this weekend, and hold yourself accountable.

Start creating today, Friday, August 3, and work to submit by the end of Monday, August 6. To submit, share your work on social media, tag Two Feet Studios (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), and use #tfskick and #findyourfeat.

NOTE: This weekend’s kick goes until Monday, rather than our usual Sunday deadline.

Once you’ve submitted, make sure to check out everyone else’s work. It’s exciting to see how we all interpret one theme. If you see work you’re especially struck by, feel free to drop that creator a like or follow. And just like that, you’re a part of a community!

So make sure to share your work on social media, so people can find your work too. For even more fun, tag a friend to challenge them to find their feat too! After the kick, we’ll feature the works on our art kicks page.


Happy creating!

Your friends,
Kai and Easton