Creative Horoscope: 7/2-8 / by Kai Chuan

As frequently and for as long as I can, I want to provide a creative horoscope for us: what is the creative forecast for this week? Additionally, I want to read a tarot spread to gain insight on the creative process for the coming days ahead. Please note that the creative horoscope is read from Eastern Standard Time, which may slightly affect the horoscope if you are elsewhere in the world.


Happy July! The month has started off with lots going on already for us, so here’s a brief version of our weekly horoscope! (Sorry — no tarot reading for this week.)


Monday, 7/2

The day is a fairly tame one. However, when the evening brings the Pisces Moon sextile to Uranus in Taurus, we may unexpectedly be dreaming of growth. If the change you’re imagining is not far from reality, move forward with it. Striking a balance between the old and new will come easy, just follow your intuition. If a problem leaves you stumped, some out-of-the-box thinking tonight will help you strike gold.

Tuesday, 7/3

Midday, the Cancer Sun trines the Moon in Pisces. It’s going to be an emotionally healing day for us — possibly when it comes to nostalgic feelings. Perhaps channel this emotional healing — or even catalyze it — with the start of an inspired art project. The healing doesn’t stop though. In the evening, the Pisces Moon trines retrograde Scorpio in Jupiter. Reflect even harder on how you want to grow and the relationships with collaborators and partners you want to deepen. The day is for starting a project and initiating, while the evening is for pushing harder to make sure you maintain that momentum.

Wednesday, 7/4

Tuesday’s healing might have a snowball effect in healing all parts of us. Beginning today and through December, Chiron will go retrograde starting in Aries. Chiron is the healer of the planets; and normally, we’re constantly working to heal or improve ourselves. But with Chiron retrograde — and particularly in Aries — we need to let the healing go forth on its own. The best thing to do is welcome change and be as receptive as possible to opportunities to better ourselves. It’ll be tough, but it’ll pass.

In the afternoon, the Pisces Moon finds itself quincunx (funky word, I know) to Venus in Leo. How we want to express ourselves and the thoughts we have in our mind might not be aligning. You have a vision, but you’re not sure how to express it in a way that makes sense and is right to you. This might be a good time to just sit on your ideas and allow them to develop on their own.

Thursday, 7/5

Two transits affect us all day today: Cancer Sun trines retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio, and Mercury in Leo stands opposite retrograde Mars in Aquarius. Today might bring our creative drive to try something new in opposition to how we express it. Instead of pushing ourselves too hard today, we should focus on self-care through self-indulgence. If you’re working on some art projects at the moment, it might be best to focus on the small, fun, and therapeutic work rather than your bigger, main projects (or new projects) that need more attention.

In the morning, the Aries Moon finds itself square to retrograde Saturn in Capricorn. You may want to do your own thing today or tackle a task head-on, but don’t forget to think through it and consider your limitations. Last week, we created habits and a structure for ourselves, we need to make sure we abide by them as best we can. In the evening, the Aries Moon trines Leo Mercury. Express! While we should continue to focus on self-care today, we can use the evening’s energy to express ourselves with confidence.

Friday, 7/6

Today, the Moon reaches its last quarter phase in Aries. For several months now, we’ve been working on asserting ourselves and taking up the space we deserve — in all aspects, including creative. Use this last quarter to reflect on what’s holding you back from being truly independent and self-sufficient. Drop the baggage. Acknowledge how you’ve grown. If you’ve been working on your voice as an artist, look back on the work you’ve produced and note the changes both made and to still be made.

Saturday, 7/7

All weekend we see Leo Mercury square with Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio and Cancer Sun trine to retrograde Neptune in Pisces. Our emotional growth is stunted by our ability to confidently communicate and understand it. That’s alright. Growth takes time, and we won’t always understand how we’re growing in real time. Just pay attention. On another note, we’ll be sustaining the past few days’ note of self-care. This weekend, step back into those old projects you picked up again last week or thought of reapproaching. Don’t be stressed to finish them; rather, motivate yourself with the sense of accomplishment in completing them finally.

Around noon, the Moon and Uranus are conjunct in Taurus. Your feet will feel firmly planted on the ground, even if things may be feeling uncertain. In the late evening, the Taurus Moon is trine to retrograde Saturn in Capricorn. Fall back on the structure and habits of your life to maintain your sense of balance.

Sunday, 7/8

While the two transits that began yesterday follow into the remainder of this weekend, we also find the Moon in Taurus in opposition to Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio all day. We may be feeling some intense emotions today that try to push us to work on self-improvement, but we’re simultaneously not feeling ready to admit to change. Consider the choice that your future self will thank you for. Additionally, the Taurus Moon will square Leo in Mercury in the AM. Try expressing yourself differently. Channel a different voice, but make sure it’s still your own. Finally in the evening, the Taurus Moon and retrograde Neptune in Pisces remind us to really focus on closing out those old projects.

We’re growing and healing this week, and it might leave us feeling insecure, out-of-control, and emotional. Just remember that it will pass, you’ll have changed for the better afterward. Focus on self-care through art and expression to hold you down.

Your friends,
Kai and Easton