Two Feet Art Kick V / by Kai Chuan


Get on your f*cking keyboards and make me an art piece! Chun-Li.

Another Street Fighter reference (for some reason) means it’s time for another art kick. And this week’s theme is three parts.

Some people have expressed interest in participating in the 3x3 art challenge — a challenge in which three artists trade their works at three stages — but we also realize that a collaborative project may not be to everyone’s taste. So Easton came up with the idea to make the theme three parts, allowing you all to interpret that however you’d like. But just in case, here is some inspiration to get you thinking:

  • find two other artists and do the 3x3 art challenge
  • create a triptych in your favorite medium
  • mix a composition of three parts
  • capture the progress or evolution of your work in three stages
  • build something with only three components
  • it’s Cancer season! use that as inspiration for creative writing in three parts
  • make three works and bring them all together at the end


  • three interchangeable parts
  • three hair parts
  • an illustration with three lines
  • three parts… threep hearts… you can decide what a threep is

Remember that our themes are not only meant to be inspiration for your content, but can also serve as inspiration for form.

Whatever you decide to do, run with it. Art kicks are your opportunity to kickstart a project and just get you in the flow of things. If a project you start for an art kick needs more time past the weekend, you can always keep it going afterward! Just let us know, and we hope that you’ll still submit it whenever you complete the work (we’ll always make space to showcase your art).

In any case, you should begin this Friday, June 29 and work to submit by the end of Sunday, July 1. To submit, share your work on social media, tag Two Feet Studios (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), and use #tfskick and #findyourfeat.

Once you’ve submitted, make sure to check out everyone else’s work. It’s exciting to see how we all interpret one theme. If you see work you’re especially struck by, feel free to drop that creator a like or follow. And just like that, you’re a part of a community!

So make sure to share your work on social media, so people can find your work too. For even more fun, tag a friend to challenge them to find their feat too! After the kick, we’ll feature the works on our art kicks page.


Happy creating!

Your friends,
Kai and Easton