Creative Horoscope & Tarot Reading: 6/24-30 / by Kai Chuan

As frequently and for as long as I can, I want to provide a creative horoscope for us: what is the creative forecast for this week? Additionally, I want to read a tarot spread to gain insight on the creative process for the coming days ahead. Please note that the creative horoscope is read from Eastern Standard Time, which may slightly affect the horoscope if you are elsewhere in the world.

Happy Pride!

Here’s our horoscope for the week.

Creative Horoscope, June 24-30:

We start the week off with some intense emotions. With the Moon in Scorpio and Mercury in Cancer this morning, we have a desire to talk about what’s going through our minds and how we’re feeling. This might be a great time to use art as a way to vent or talk to a close partner/friend. Just make sure you’re channeling these emotions healthily and out of self-love and self-care.

On Monday, Venus in Leo squares Jupiter in Scorpio just after noon. With all the venting and reflecting we did the day before, perhaps now we feel a need to grow. But expressing that growth — particularly with how we manifest this in our art — might be difficult. There are a lot of emotions roiling, especially with yesterday’s reflection, Jupiter in Scorpio, and Cancer season in full swing. Just know that whatever deep change is going on internally will take time. And if it’s meant to be reflected in your work and how you create or express yourself, take baby steps. Stay optimistic though, because by the evening, the Moon in Sagittarius and Mars in Aquarius, we’ll feel ready to explore and take a risk. Since the change is personal and internal, it might help to dive into new perspectives and even think of others instead.

With the excitement of the previous night’s new endeavors, we’re warned to slow it down by Tuesday morning. The Sagittarius Moon and Pluto retrograde in Pisces might have us feeling like there’s a lot we want to do… but so much we were already in the middle of doing too. The best thing to do is prioritize and earmark some projects for when your plate isn’t as full. In the evening, Mars will go retrograde in Aquarius for two months. This is a great time to reflect on the things we do that go beyond ourselves as individuals. Where have we fallen short? What are we excelling in? How can we do more to help other people and innovate with our art?

Hump day morning, we might feel like we’re juggling our responsibilities taking care of ourselves or the people close to us. Just take it slow and know that you’ll get things done. By the way, remember that change you were going through Sunday-Monday and all the things you want to do? Well, the evening brings the Capricorn Moon, Uranus in Taurus, and Saturn in Capricorn to help. This means that this evening is the perfect time to be setting goals and making plans that will serve as the foundation of our workflow from now on. Our goal-setting will be fostered by the excitement of the new and what’s-to-come mixed with the passion and pride of what we’ve already been doing or have done. All the juggling we felt like we’ve been doing the past two days dissolve tonight.

Thursday is the Full Moon in Capricorn! We set a lot of exciting goals yesterday, but it’s also important to look back at previous goals we’ve made. Use this Full Moon to look back on your goals, especially on the career front. What have you accomplished and/or how much further do you have to go? Use the stability and structure of yesterday’s planning to set yourself up for success. The Capricorn Moon will get some help from Jupiter in Scorpio and Uranus retrograde in Pisces today to help you place intentions and make a plan (yes — more goal-setting) to meet those initial goals you made a few months back. All of this will be made better and easier with deep reflection on how we want to grow.

On Friday, Mercury moves into Leo for about a month. During this time, communication turns to the self. Speak proudly of what you’ve created; share your work because people are listening and captivated; but be careful not to steal too much of the light. Listen to others because you’ll find that you’re just as proud of them too and might even find an opportunity to bring your passions together. This is a great time for collaboration.

Finally, on Saturday morning, we find Mercury in Leo square with Uranus in Taurus. If you’re meeting with your collaborators or close partners on this day to talk, just beware: how others are communicating to us about their art — or even their perception of your art — might throw us off. The air is ripe for unexpected drama. Fortunately, the evening is not so sketchy. In fact, we’ll be feeling extra open-minded and itching to do something about it. Good ideas might strike this night, so make sure to have a notebook handy. And if you have the time, give it a try! Just don’t let it get in the way of all the plans you’ve made this week.

Tarot Reading, June 24-30:

This week, I pulled three cards. The first to shed light on where we might need improvement, the second on where the issue arises, and the third for how we can navigate through it.

The first card I pulled was the Prince of Pentacles, reversed. The same card as last week! But, while last week’s Prince of Pentacles encouraged us to find inspiration in the present, use our senses to inform our art, and try new things with a sense of groundedness, this week, the card stands as a reminder for all of that. According to our creative horoscope, we have a lot of inward reflection to do — on ourselves, on what we’re doing, and on our futures. The fresh, new energy of last week that excited us to experience new things should be the context and mirror from which we reflect on the changes we need to make internally and the goals we’re setting for ourselves this week. Capture the energy of last week and channel it to completing our goals and projects. Don’t lose that momentum — harness it and redirect it.

The second card I pulled was the Five of Swords — the defeat card. This card might warn that our self-improvement and energy with goal-completing might be stalled by overthinking and harsh criticalness. Maybe we don’t want to change. Maybe we’re scared to try something new. maybe other people are holding us back. Whatever it is, acknowledge it. Then let go of those fears and keep an open mind.

Finally, the third card, the Princess of Cups (reversed), can shed light on how to go about this change. The Princess calls for intuition to be the foundation of our decision-making. It’s Cancer season! Trust the family and close friends around you to help you. And trust yourself. The change we’re undergoing will have us feeling upside-down and far from grounded, so we need to be like water and go with the flow. Trust your instincts and keep an eye on the goal.

Happy creating!

Your friends,
Kai and Easton