Creative Horoscope & Tarot Reading: 6/17-23 / by Kai Chuan

It’s been a while since our last real blog post, so I hope you're well!

As it seems, I’ve returned with a strong interest in astrology and tarot cards. Our art kick this past weekend was tarot-themed, and I’ve recently been offering to do readings for friends more often now.

Personally, I find tarot to be both therapeutic and beneficial. I like to help other people and doing so can sometimes quell my own issues. Reading cards for other people also reminds me that I can be and am needed by others. And on a more artistic note, interpreting cards provides me with great storytelling practice — the foundation of my art.

I wanted to try something fun. I think it would be interesting to do tarot and astrology readings in the form of a creative horoscope — what is the creative forecast for this week? I want to try this for as often as I can, perhaps once a week or bi-weekly.

I hope the horoscope can gift insight to you: feed inspiration and guide you through obstacles. And at the least, it’s something more exciting to check each week than the weather.

To clarify, I’ve been reading tarot for a couple years now. I understand birth charts, the planets, moon phases, and astrological aspects. It’s not a new practice, but I'm always learning more. Also, I come with great reviews:

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Tweet from Joey Wong

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Tweet from Sabrina Szos


So without further ado…


Creative Horoscope, June 17-23:

This week is a great chance to turn — or more accurately, return — to art with heightened creativity and luck on our side.

On Monday, Neptune begins retrograde in Pisces, encouraging us to look back at old dreams and inspirations. This is a fantastic time to revisit old art projects or return to art as a practice for these next few months.

On Wednesday, Mercury trines both Jupiter and Neptune in the morning and evening, respectively. Luck and opportunity open up for us to pursue our creative endeavors. Start the day by considering the creative goals that will expand and enrich your life. Think critically about how you will achieve it. But don’t spend too much time in your thoughts either. By the evening, Mercury trines Neptune, nudging us to set those creative intentions. Dream big, think fast, place your intentions, then go for it.

Thursday ushers in Cancer season, along with the Summer Solstice! Happy Birthday to my fellow Cancers! This day is fantastic for starting new projects. All that optimistic thinking you did yesterday — today is the day to put it to action. Pursue your creative endeavors and lean on those close to you to help you for the next few weeks (and offer them care as well). However, with Venus in opposition to Mars, remember to keep things light. You may be at odds with a partner; and perhaps what you’re driving toward and what you normally find beautiful and appreciate seem vastly different than usual. The feeling will pass and may even bring positive change.

Finally, Saturday brings Mercury in opposition to Pluto. Your recent evolution and change in creative endeavors might be stalled by miscommunication. If you’re collaborating with others on a new project, make sure to choose your words carefully. Be extra clear with what you’re trying to get across, while likewise listening carefully to what others are really trying to say.


Tarot Reading, June 17-23:

This week I pulled two cards: the first to feed our inspiration, and the second to guide us through creative obstacles. In order, I pulled the Prince of Pentacles and, interestingly, the Princess of Pentacles.

The Prince of Pentacles is air of earth — our thoughts interacting with our senses and the physical world. This week, try drawing inspiration from the world around you. Use your five senses. If you already know you’re painting the beach, what does the beach look like? How does it feel to be there? What sounds can you hear? Transport yourself first and you will be able to transport your audience with your art. On the other hand, if you’re still looking to be inspired, plant yourself in the present. What around you in this moment inspires you?

With our creative horoscope above encouraging us to try new things this week, so does the Prince of Pentacles. The Prince plows forward to make progression, headed by a grounded and hard-working Taurus. Don’t rush your art — take your time and focus on putting in the work.

Our creative obstacle for the week is signaled with the Princess of Pentacles. She warns against being too grounded that we’re paralyzed. The creative change and new projects we’re starting this week may lead us to the unknown, asking us to step away from the familiar. Don’t be afraid to break away. Instead, let your previous experiences and knowledge provide you a sense of reassurance. You already know how to drive the car, so don’t be afraid to drive somewhere new. Explore and learn something new to your craft.

Whatever creative projects you pick up this week and however you decide to reorient yourself in your craft, keep and open mind and trust your abilities.

Your friends,
Kai and Easton