Two Feet Art Kick III / by Kai Chuan


Here we go! Another art kick — are you ready?

It’s been quite a while since our last kick. But we’re excited to be back on it!

In recognition of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM), the theme for this art kick will be A Palm for APAHM. Plants! The theme will focus on using plants indigenous to Asia-Pacific or plants tied to Asian-Pacific culture as inspiration for your work.

We want to lean into a theme and community of culture, education, understanding, and allyship. This art kick is for everyone — whether or not you are ethnically Asian or Pacific Islander. This is an opportunity to learn about a place, people, and plants!

Research what you can. And if you’re feeling uncertain about an idea, just reach out! I’m Asian-American — I’d love to lend my voice. I also know lots of other APAs who would love to offer a hand too!

And if it gets too much? Just focus on the plants.

Here are some initial ideas to get you going:

  • What’s a money plant? A bonzai tree?
  • What herbs are used for medicinal purposes? For culinary use? For tea?
  • What would it sound like to stand in a garden of sasa? What would it feel like?
  • Don’t forget fruits and underwater plants too!

Create anything! Just remember that you must begin this Friday, May 25 and submit by the end of Sunday, May 27. To submit, share your work on social media, tag Two Feet Studios (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), and use #tfskick and #findyourfeat. We suggest #APAHM this time around too!

Once you’ve submitted, make sure to check out everyone else’s work. It’s exciting to see how we all interpret one theme. If you see work you’re especially struck by, feel free to drop that creator a like or follow. And just like that, you’re a part of a community!

So make sure to share your work on social media, so people can find your work too. For even more fun, tag a friend to challenge them to find their feat too! After the kick, we’ll feature the works on our art kicks page.


Happy creating!

Your friends,
Kai and Easton