Welcome to Creative Block / by Kai Chuan



Welcome to Two Feet Studio’s blog, Creative Block. Easton and I are excited to launch Creative Block as a resource of ideas, inspiration, and discussion for creatives of any capacity.

Our goal with Creative Block is to share ideas and inspire anyone to create. Whether it’s a few tips on getting started with art or discussing making money from art, we want to be a resource. And we want to have a conversation. We’d like to learn too!

If you have a question, please ask us! There’s probably someone else out there with the same question. If you have something to say, we’re more than happy to interview you! Or, if you have your own thoughts to share, we’d love for you to contribute! Reach out, and we’ll get it going.

With Creative Block, we hope to build a community of artists from all mediums and perspectives. We want to offer our help, as much as we’d appreciate yours. Let’s collaborate and create collectively.

Creative Block is for artists of any capacity — any age, any skill level, any amount of interest.

Creative Block is for you. We hope you enjoy it.

Your friends,
Kai and Easton