Two Feet Art Kick II / by Kai Chuan


ATTENTION! It’s time for another Two Feet Studios art kick!

Two weeks have already gone by since our last kick, and we’re excited for another round. We know our first kick came up lightning fast and some of you were not able to submit for that reason. But! Here we are! Back with another kick — we hope you’re ready.

We’ll cut to the chase for announcing the theme, but if you need a refresher on all things art kick, make sure to check out our page. Alright then. For our second Two Feet Studios art kick, we’re here to announce that the theme is… 5PM!

Yep! 5PM! If you’re a little disappointed or feel like that was an anticlimactic reveal, stop that!

Anyway, we’re excited for this theme: 5PM! What are you up to at 5PM? Are you on your commute home? Taking a nap? What are other people doing at this time? What’s the sky look like? What does 5PM feel like? What do you wish you were doing at 5PM? It’s 5PM here, but 2PM there and 5AM way over there...

A little uninspired by what goes on at 5PM? That’s okay. Look at it differently. Try creating your art kick piece only during the hour of 5PM. It could be about anything then — you capture the theme by creating at this time. Write your 5PM thoughts. Take a 5PM photo. Dance a 5PM dance.

Create anything! Just remember that you must begin creating starting this Friday, April 27 and submit by the end of Sunday, April 29. To submit, share your work on social media, tag Two Feet Studios (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), and use #tfskick and #findyourfeat.

Once you’ve submitted, make sure to check out everyone else’s work. It’s exciting to see how we all interpret one theme. If you see work you’re especially struck by, feel free to drop that creator a like or follow. And just like that, you’re a part of a community!

So make sure to share your work on social media, so people can find your work too. For even more fun, tag a friend to challenge them to find their feat too! After the kick, we’ll feature the works on our new art kicks page.


Happy creating!

Your friends,
Kai and Easton