Two Feet Studios' First Art Kick! / by Kai Chuan


It’s spring! The sun is out; the snow is gone; and the flowers are blooming! Sorta… We’re not quite there yet in New York. But nevertheless, the calendar says it’s spring, so it’s spring!

Let’s celebrate the season of rebirth and growth with our first Two Feet Studios art kick!

So what’s a Two Feet art kick? (No — it’s not a Street Fighter combo.) An art kick is an opportunity to create — with no expectations, no stress, and no commitment. It’s (typically) a weekend-long session, meaning you ONLY begin creating Friday and MUST complete something by Sunday*. The idea is to push yourself to simply create and get started. Our first art kick will be this weekend, April 13-15. We hope to host a kick at least once a month.

You can do anything for an art kick. But keep in mind, you only have a few days.

  • Write a poem or short story.

  • Paint, sketch, or create a digital illustration.

  • Compose a bit of a song.

  • Take a photo or have a full-on photoshoot.

  • Make a 3D render or quick game/interactive piece.

  • Design an outfit or new makeup look.

  • Cook a dish.

  • Google some inspiration and put together a moodboard.

  • Craft.

  • Create anything!

When we say a kick is an opportunity to create anything, we mean it!

Each art kick will come with a theme to help focus your work and give inspiration. For our first Two Feet art kick, the theme is SPRING. Create anything you relate to the idea of SPRING. Some inspiration to get you thinking:

  • nice weather — rain or shine

  • aries, taurus, and gemini season

  • the end of winter, the coming of summer

  • spring deities, like Persephone

  • a season of rebirth, growth, upward movement

  • a season associated with the element of wood

  • spring break, graduation

  • flowers

Whatever comes to you, just go for it. And even if you miss your mark or it’s not quite a “spring” piece anymore, that’s alright! You made something, and that’s what counts.

The most exciting part of a kick is the conclusion: seeing everyone’s works and interpretations of a theme. Along with being proud of your own work, you get to share and appreciate everyone else’s projects. If you see work you’re especially struck by, feel free to drop that creator a like or follow. And just like that, you’re a part of a community!

So make sure to share your work on social media, tag Two Feet Studios (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), and use #tfskick and #findyourfeat. Even better, tag a friend to challenge them to find their feat too! After the art kick, we’ll also feature some works here on the Two Feet Studios website!


Happy creating!

Your friends,
Kai and Easton

*This is not to say, however, that you can’t later on pick up what you started during the kick to expand or improve your work. Remember: an art kick is meant to push you to simply create and get started.