project by:
Kai | writer, director
Easton | producer, bts photographer

In August 2016, I began my journey writing the short film script that would later become the narrative foundation for the images below. It was difficult and convoluted — I had done more research and rewrites than I had ever expected for a ten-minute film. But I also learned the value of research and rewrites, and I understood that with less room to share, the more you have to be deliberate. Three months after I began writing this script, we went out and shot it.

Break is a glimpse at love. Just as it was writing this script, love can also be difficult and convoluted. Break is the story of the relationship between Cas — who has just come to terms with his sexuality — and Hayley — who is facing a challenge of her own. The meaning of love and its limits are tested when Cas and Hayley come out with their secrets to one another.

As luck and life would have it, the post-production progress of Break has unfortunately been stretched further than I had hoped when we wrapped production in November 2016. But this does not mean my love and passion for this film and its crew has dwindled.

For my brilliant cast, crew, and all those who have supported me, I am thank you. Break will see its release soon enough. <3