art kicks


An art kick is an opportunity to create — with no expectations, no stress, and no commitment. It’s (typically) a weekend-long session; a creative sprint of sorts. The idea is to push yourself to simply create and get started.

You can do anything for an art kick — write, draw, sing, dance, cook, craft, photograph, design, create anything. But keep in mind, you only have a few days.

Each art kick will come with a theme to help focus your work and give inspiration. Create anything you relate with that kick's theme. Whatever comes to you, just go for it. And even if you miss your mark or it’s not quite related to the theme anymore, that’s alright! You made something, and that’s what counts.

One of the most exciting parts of a kick is the conclusion: putting your work (or work-in-progress) out there. Along with being proud of your own work, you get to share and appreciate everyone else’s projects. If you see work you’re especially struck by, spread the love and let that creator know! After the art kick, we’ll also feature your work here on our website.

Create with us and join the community!

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